Small update

Not posted on here for a while, so just a small update before I post about the World Triathlon London race this weekend. I’ve been continue to train as much and as often as I can which is going fairly well. I’m now entering my peek week which is going to be fun…I guess

Also in other news I got married last weekend. While we don’t plan to put many pictures online I thought this was just had to be put up. How many other grooms get to ride there bike just before there married?

Laura Hancock & Adam Watson Wedding

Google Self-Driving Car

Google’s Self-Driving Car is nothing new, what is new however is what Google have been teaching its fleet of cars. In the video below you can see examples of there software coping with common situations such as pedestrians, road works, traffic and best of all cyclists.

If you watch to the end you’ll note the car waiting and looking not just for cyclists leaving or turning at the junction but those still approaching from behind.

First Century Ride

So this Easter Sunday marked my very first full century ride. The first 50 miles went very quickly and for the most of it other than some wet roads to ride on no rain. Which worked out very nicely as once we stopped for food and got back up again the cold really started to cut through you as the rain began to fall. It would not have been a nice start to the last 50 miles if we had been sat down wet with our food.

Last thing to be incredibly happy about was an awesome 16mph average speed and 30 achievements.

Run an Empire

So this seems like an amazing idea to get people out running. In a short summary players use the GPS in there phones to run around an area, when you complete a full loop of that area you capture it and turn it your own colour, this is now part of your “empire”. Other people can then invade your empire by running sections of it or doing the same loop. You can then reinforce your empire by running it multiple times or taking it back. It tracks all the usual stats you would expect from a running app but also how large your empire currently is and how well you place on a scoreboard (Points based on the area you take). You can design a variety of different coat of arms for your empire and colours.

Seems like a fantastic way of bringing some MMO style games into the running world. It’s currently doing well on Kickstarter and hopefully we will see this released later on in the year.

Just as a side note this is currently only for iOS. You can support it by clicking here 


End of the first quarter

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, in fact my last post was all the way back at the beginning of March when I finished the Bideford half marathon, since then I’ve had some nice time off, had my Birthday pass and been ill. So in no particular order here is what I’ve been up to.


My first 2 weeks of the month I had off as holiday which allowed for some decent training time. I managed to get in a good amount of running and cycling but yet again as a repeating fail I didn’t get a lot of pool time in. I did however get these 2 very fun 40 mile routes in.


Sadly after coming back to work I didn’t get much time to carry on training, my work rota had me back on these stupid mid shifts which taking out a massive part of the middle of the day make getting most daily life activity done a lot more difficult than those who get to go home at 5. Typically as well for the first time in over 6 years this led to me having a sick day which took a further 3 days off from training and went straight into my Birthday weekend which was another 2.

Birthday Half Century

Last year shortly after my Birthday I completed my first half century ride. Having never really done more than 20ish miles of riding and also being my first year of trying to compete in races I thought this was a very big accomplishment. This year to try and turn it into a tradition I went out again for another 50 miles only this time riding solo.

Have to admit I’ve very happy to see the big difference. Last year it took 4Hrs 35min of moving time to complete, but overall with stopping the day last over 6Hrs. Today’s ride however was done in 3Hrs 7Min moving time which was a lot better considering I met my other half while she was on lunch and never stopped the bike but slowly cycling along at a walking pace with her and total time including stops was only 3Hr 32Min. A massive change in speed and time.


Well 3 months have now gone so time to review how my yearly targets are doing
300314Getting plenty of cycling in but very short on my running and swimming.

Bideford Half Marathon 2014 – Race Report

Bideford’s half marathon has rolled around again and this year I was really looking forward to it. I had a clear goal to beat (Last years time) training was a lot better and I was going into it injury free. The aim was to finish in around a 1:40 sort of time. Last year I managed a 1:56 and my current PB for a half sat at 1:51

Race Morning

As with every other race morning it started with getting up and trying to get some breakfast down. I’ve still not worked out a trick for wanting to eat right away, especially when you know your only doing it because you need to not necessarily because you want to. Anyway down went a bowl of cereal and a couple of pieces of toast, washed down by a nice big cup of coffee.

With that it was time to get changed meet our friends and head on down to the race start, which was packed with runners. This is the first year we’ve had to collect our timing chip rather than it be attached to the back of the number. I was expecting to see a nice long queue of people waiting for there chips but actually I walked straight to my line waited 2 seconds and was handed my number and a couple of cable ties.

The Race

The race itself was very fun. Last year when we were all told this was a flat and and branded “swift” course I completely disagreed until I did the Great West Run in Exeter which has some very nasty hills in it. All of a sudden the Bideford course is a lot nicer route and I really felt like I could open up. Unlike previous races nothing went wrong and it was a nice day to be out running. Not to cold, a tiny bit of wind on an almost entirely sheltered course. I think the only thing that I didn’t like was the tight start line, getting nearly 1,200 people through a tiny bit of road was a bit difficult and slow. The organisation of the T-shirts was better as well this year rather than having big queues around the finish area they were a short walk over by the clubhouse.

Overall a very well organised event and a very fun day out running

My final time was 01:45:34. Beating last years time by 11 minutes and my half marathon PB by 6 minutes. It makes me look forward to doing this again next year.

My 2014 Race Calendar

I’ve not finished signing up for events yet and still have some to decide, but that will come down to money/time/spots left. Most of my holiday time this year is taken up by my up coming wedding and honeymoon and seeing as I work a rolling rota which only allows me a weekend off every 3 weeks but not at Easter, during summer or around Christmas I won’t have much chance to enter as many events.

None the less my current schedule looks like this.

March – Bideford Half Marathon
April – Charity Triathlon (But looking for something extra)
May – Bideford 10k / London Hyde Park
June – Bideford Triathlon
July – Ironman UK
August – Looking for Olympic distance Tri
September – I’ll be on my honeymoon but would still like something in the first couple of weeks to enter

Bideford Half Marathon – Last year was my first ever half marathon. I completed the race in 1:56 and will be looking to run a 1:40’ish this year.

NL Charity Tri – This is one my work organises. The first year I entered I came second, last year I came third. This year I’m really hoping to come first or at a minimum stay in the top 3.

Bideford 10k – Last year I completed this in 50minutes, I went on to beat my 10k time doing the 10miler event. So this year I’ll be aiming for a sub 40minute time.

London Hyde Park – I did the Virgin Active triathlon last year and set a new Olympic time of 2:44:00 so this year I will again be in London only this time over in Hyde Park looking to take my Olympic time under 2:30:00

Bideford Triathlon – Will be aiming to just beat last years time and hopefully go below 1:20:00

Ironman UK – There’s a whole blog post about the goals and times I’d like to achieve here

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